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Interior Commercial Painting

The interior of your workplace is wherever your employees spend their time.   Areas such as break rooms, restrooms and offices don’t have to be gloomy and dull.    

Believe it or not, you may add brightness and vibrancy for a own facility whilst still keeping a professional look.  Boost employee morale and set a tone to your workday by means of a new interior paint project

Not sure what mix of texture and color matches exactly the manner which you do business? Our free color advisers can support your options, provide ideas, and discuss what’s worked for many others.  

Painting a commercial break room in Olathe Kansas
Company Break Room Painting Olathe, KS

Interior Commercial Jobs

Here following is a listing of painting jobs that we would classify as within small business painting.   If your particular Olathe painting job is not reflected here, then give us a call anyway and we’re going to get you taken care of! 

  • Bathrooms and Closets
  • Break Rooms and Offices
  • Warehouse and Manufacturing Ceilings
  • Exposed Piping and Electrical
  • Gymnasiums
  • Government Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Apartments

Warehouse Ceilings

 A warehouse ceiling is a overlooked, but significant.  Unless you’ve got a normal process to continue to keep your inside ceiling, it’s so easy to become lax and settle to a classic, chipped, and wasteful paint occupation that doesn’t protect your roof.

A quality industrial painting job on your ceiling of any warehouse or manufacturing plant will last for years and decrease damage from mold and any chemical fumes and dirt in the air.

Exposed Piping

We can also do security touch ups to put an intense yellow or bright orange on lips, borders, low ceilings or other tripping or exceeding threats.  

Painting exposed piping commercial interior Olathe Kansas
Commercial Painting Exposed Piping Olathe, KS

When you have recently updated various pipes or electric work and would like to camouflage vulnerable piping, then a new paint job may do just fine.   In Olathe Kansas Painters we could touch up specific inside areas to match the present color at specific junctures.    

Whether you are considering isolated rooms or areas, or completely redoing the whole interior, we’ll use you to make it happen  

Drywall Repair

Olathe Kansas Painters has assembled a professional standing by minding our customer’s experience.   Before surface prep along with the paint of your selection could be executed, Olathe Kansas Painters can aid you with your drywall fix on office walls and ceilings to provide the ideal base for the painting project.    

Contracting and structure is a cluttered environment and the previous coat of paint are the first big step to clean up the interior  

Painting new drywall as installed in Olathe Kansas
New Drywall Installation Olathe, KS

We all know exactly what it takes to bring a musty and dusty drywall surface into a delicately detailed and lively color.   Together with the tools and equipment to clean and prep new drywall, you won’t have to get worried.  

Interior Commercial Painting Examples

  • Bathrooms and Closets
  • Break Rooms and Offices
  • Warehouse and Manufacturing Ceilings
  • Exposed Piping and Electrical