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Restoration and Paint Removal

hough we love being entrusted with each step of your painting project, we are able to isolate and offer solutions that are part our first exterior and interior painting planning including restoring old houses and removing paint from homes, companies, decks and fences.   Appropriate preparation and removal of old paint, blot, and wallpaper is vital before applying new paint.  

Restoration Techniques

Olathe Kansas Painters will take your construction where its at:

  • Touch Ups and Paint Matching
  • Fading Colors and Paint
  • Paint Discoloration
  • Replacing Rotting or Broken Boards and Siding
  • Removing and Replacing Old Sealant
  • Carpentry and drywall repair
Painting and Restoring Exterior Residential House Siding in Olathe Kansas
Painting and Restoring Residential Siding Olathe, KS

Historic Home Restoration

Painting older homes can be challenging because of improper usage, non-standard paints and too small sealant used.   Your home doesn’t need to become a historic landmark to be particular and a pillar in your town.    

In Olathe Kansas Painters we give your old home the respect it deserves and deliver much more attention in the repainting process.   

Historic Home Paint Restoration in Olathe Kansas
Historic Home Restoration Olathe, KS

Paint Removal

Preparing each of the details is our specialty.   We can accommodate to any original painting condition and love embracing the texture of your dwelling.   We will ascertain any chipped or chipped paint, difficulty stains, and old paint jobs which have gone awry.  Our Paint Removal Services include:

  • Hand Scraping
  • Power Washing
  • Sanding
Paint removal and restoration in Olathe Kansas
Chipped Paint Removal in Olathe

Wallpaper Removal

Olathe Kansas Painters can professionally remove background and prep to hang a more trendy prints or apply a fresh coat of paint for your own liking.   Unflattering background is actually common on elderly residential interiors, so we’re proficient in eliminating the roughest adhesives and adhesive.    

Olathe Kansas Painters will employ numerous techniques for example:  

  • Stripping
  • Steaming
  • Soaking

Eliminating wallpaper requires patience, dedication, and ability, however we have the resources and skill to take your space where its at, no matter what the state of the walls.    

We love being able to provide this and other removal solutions and block the headache which could come out of remodeling.